Cards Do it Again!


The Great St. Louis Cardinals

Having trouble locating St. Louis Cardinals tickets for sale? Whether you are a dedicated fan looking for to being present at upcoming games or just someone looking to spend your leisure time in at exciting venue watching the league’s best players compete, securing your stadium seat is a first significant step in the process. This weekend of April 11th through the 13th has the Cardinals at home against one of their biggest rivals, the Chicago Cubs. There is always excitement when the Cards play the Cubs. Ensure that you get a great view of the field to catch every moment of live action made by Cardinal stars like:

• Matt Holliday
• Jhonny Peralta
• Matt Carpenter
• Yadier Molina

May be you’re interested in watching the Cardinals play in other ballparks, getting St. Louis Cardinals tickets for sale should be purchased from reliable sources. After the Cub’s series, the Cards will be on the road for awhile. From April 14th to the 16th you can see them playing great ball in Milwaukee against the Brewers. April 15th is Jackie Robinson day when baseball players nationwide honor one of the greatest ballplayers in Major League history. This would be a great day to visit the Miller Park in Milwaukee and catch the Brewers battle the great St. Louis Cardinals.

April 17th on through the 20th of April will have the St. Louis Cardinals playing against the Washington Nationals. Washington always seems to play good ball against the Cards. If you want to see some exciting National league baseball, you just may want to find St Louis Cardinals tickets for sale in Washington D.C. These highly competitive teams will definitely leave those in attendance with unforgettable plays and memorable feelings of excitement.

After Washington, the Cards travel just a bit further to New York to play the always tough Mets. Hopefully Adam Wainwright is pitching well during this series.

Now, let’s consider a few predictions regarding these games. In the Cards and Cubs series, a prediction you can bet on is…Cards 2 Cubs 1. In the Brewers series, Cards 2 Brewers 1. Tough days will most likely come in Washington, with a prediction that gives Washington 3 and Cards 1. New York will have difficulties with St. Louis, the prediction is St Louis 3 and New York 1.

A St. Louis Cardinals baseball game is a perfect vacation and opportunity to spending quality time with family and friends. Don’t miss out on any of the action.