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Star players on the KC Chiefs

Star players on the KC Chiefs
The world of team sports is a stage that features many individuals who wish to shine. Sports teams are, in a way, a cast of performers. They give their audiences joy, sadness, and thrills, and throughout their endless pursuit for victory, stars occasionally emerge. These are the men and women who happen to be brighter than the rest; they are heroes, known to be exceptional for their physique or for their skills. They are unique, and although it ultimately takes a team to win, the stars make the team.

When the KC Chiefs Tickets For Sale ads appear, the dedicated fans of this team flock religiously to the stadium. Somewhere in that stadium sits the immortal shrine of retired numbers of the team’s retired stars—number 16 of Dawson, number 86 of Buchanan, and number 78 of Bell. These are the players who claimed an eternal spot on the podium, reminding us what Kansas City has achieved.

Quarterback Len Dawson (born June 20, 1935) found himself enshrined after becoming a star in the Kansas City roster back in 1962. His stardom saw the talented quarterback selected for six AFL all-star games as well as helping Kansas City win three AFL championships and eventually the Super Bowl. Dawson also won the Super Bowl Most Valuable Player Award and the NFL Man of the Year Award. Buck Buchanan (b. September 10, 1940; d. July 16, 1992), number 86, was a 6 foot 7 inch defensive tackle who weighed 122 kg. Along with Len Dawson during his tenure at Kansas, Buchanan was also a six-time all-star and contributed significantly during the Kansas City World Championship run in 1969. He was a six-time AFL All-Star selection and a two-time Pro Bowl selection. Finally, Bobby Bell (born June 17, 1940), number 78, completes the “holy trinity” for the 1960 Kansas City Chiefs. Bell was regarded as a physical beast and as the most gifted linebacker in the history of the National Football League. He was a three-time NFL Pro Bowl selection, a six-time AFL All-Star selection, and a one-time Super Bowl champion. All three players are members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

So the next time Kansas City Chiefs tickets for-sale signs pop up, look at those numbers and remember that the Chiefs were once winners and they could be again when their future stars begin to shine.